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Having a modern house may be one of the dreams that many people want to achieve. However, for some other people, what they want is to have a house that uses vintage style home decor. Vintage decoration has been very popular these days. In fact, instead of looking old, vintage houses look very great, and even look cute. The look is one of the factors that make people love having this kind of house. Because vintage houses look like the houses that once lived in the 60s or 70s, people whose house has this kind of theme will be taken by the house to experience living in the 60s or 70s. Now, what makes a house a vintage house? There are a lot of things that makes a house a vintage house, and one of them is the decoration and its decoration items. If you are looking for the answer about what kind of decorative items that are suitable with the vintage house, we are going to give you some of the best.

Two of the best 26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

In the internet, there are a lot of people sharing their do-it-yourself or DIY vintage decoration items in order to inspire people, and we have found that among thousands of them, there are 26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas that really caught our eyes. However, due to the limited space in this website, it was necessary to only take some of the best of those 16 DIY ideas to share with you. One of the best items is the amazing pallet shelf with herb jars. There is nothing more vintage than this. In fact, this DIY is kind of easy to do. To do this, you will only need several planks of woods and then turn them into shelves. After that, you can put some herbs into the shelf.

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Another idea that you may use for your house is the vintage crib. If you have a terrace in front of your house, but you do not have any bench to let you sit and watch the scenery, you will like this idea. To do this, you will only need an old crib and then you have to put some sponge on top of it and then cover it with some great clothes, ad you are done. That is it! If you want to want see more pictures about 26 breathtaking DIY vintage décor ideas, you can look for them online.


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