Unique Pineapple Home Decor Ideas

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As a tropical fruit, a pineapple not only can be eaten but it also can be used for decorating in the home and at parties. The taste of a pineapple is unique that it’s usually mixed with other tropical fruits to make ice fruits. You can modify a pineapple into a unique and creative form to add a festive decorative item in your party. Pineapples also can be added into interior design. You can create a different feeling if you put pineapples inside a house. Here are some ideas for pineapple home décor that you can apply into your house.

Pineapple Interior Design

Here are countless ideas to use pineapples as a part of interior design. First, you can make pineapple lanterns as creative as you can. It’s very easy to create lanterns from pineapples. Carve an oval area out of a pineapple, scoop out the fruit, create a little window to set the votive candle, and put the votive candle on top of the foam. Votive candles are used in order to illuminate the pineapple lanterns. Another alternative is using scented candles to complement the natural smell of the pineapples.

The second idea to utilize pineapples in the interior design is creating a pineapple fruit basket. To create a pineapple fruit basket you need to turn it out before scooping out the flesh. The pineapple fruit basket isn’t only a bright decoration but it’s also a delicious fruit for everyone especially when it’s served in the summer party. To create a pineapple fruit basket, you need to turn it on its side, make an incision into the side of the pineapple, and scoop out its flesh. After the inside of pineapple is clean, fill it with your favorite fruits like melons, strawberries, blueberries or any other fruits.

Pineapple Kitchen Decor

Another way to utilize pineapples is by using them as one of the materials for your kitchen décor. Pineapple kitchen décor is a unique idea that you can create in your own kitchen. There are some alternatives to create pineapple kitchen décor. First, create some free space in your kitchen and put some pots on it. Plant some pineapples trees on those pots and put them inside your kitchen. Second, put a pineapple into a small pot and put it on the kitchen table. It’ll make the kitchen looks unique and refreshing. You also can put pineapple accessories inside your kitchen such as on the fridge, on the wall or in the forms of kitchen utensils.

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