Tips to Create Parisian Home Decor Style

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Among many home décor styles, Parisian is a unique choice of home style. For those who aren’t able to fly to Paris can choose a Parisian home décor style in their home. By choosing this home décor style, you can create and taste a France environment every day. Choosing items printed with images like Eiffel Tower from Paris or its symbols is like a must to do. Moreover, utilizing the city color, texture and materials also will bring Paris environment in your home and here are some ideas to realize it.

Parisian Interior Design

The main thing you should consider when choosing Parisian interior design is to choose the right color scheme that represents this style. Parisian-themed rooms are usually covered with muted or classic themes without many flashy colors that’ll distract the style. There are three main colors that represents Parisian interior design well’ black, white, and gray. Other colors that you may consider are off-white, cream, earthy stones like brown and other soft colors. After choosing the color scheme, try to integrate the color with wall color, fabric color and natural materials from wood.

Then, in order to create a full-Parisian scheme in your house, choose a neutral wall color like off-white, gray or cream. You also can utilize wallpaper with Paris images, French words or its symbols to be installed on the walls. Another consideration is painting a Parisian-themed mural on the walls that describes the landmarks of the city.

Parisian Kitchen Decor

One of important rooms in your home is kitchen. In order to create a Parisian kitchen décor, you need to choose Parisian-style furniture for your kitchen. Try to choose carved wood for kitchen furniture pieces to create a Parisian feeling, for instance, try to find curving and detail work on the legs, arms and backs of the chairs for dining chairs. To bring a full-Parisian scheme in your kitchen, you can utilize both stained wood and painted wood in neutral colors. Furthermore, you can choose patterned fabric with Parisian symbols printed on the kitchen furniture pieces like the fleur de lies or the Eiffel Tower symbol.

Moreover, you can create the Parisian theme in your kitchen by creating a Parisian wine theme. To create it, you need to integrate wine barrels to the décor. Then, hanging paintings from French artists is another option to create a Parisian theme in the kitchen.  If you think it’s too expensive to buy the original paintings you can print them yourself.

Author: Basuki Ahok

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