9 Bedroom house plans with accordion blinds

9 Bedroom house plans with accordion blinds and IKEA furniture models

Bedroom is a place where the people take a rest with family, but can imagine, what would happen if there are 9 bedrooms in our house plans. It is an amazing and seldom we find it. In this section, I will show you how to made a layout 9 bedroom becomes beautiful and attractive decorated with curtains and furniture models that fit your home. 9 bedrooms will make in first floor and second floor, where in the first floor made in 3 rooms. Whiles at the second floor with 6 rooms, can be seen in the image below.

Moreover, to make the bedroom look more beautiful, accordion blinds should be installed so that the functioning of light entering the room did not make eye becomes excessive glare

Kinds Of Accordion Blinds Door For Your Bedroom

A. Uv accordion

UV accordion made of PVC. Blinds up are strong, durable, and beautiful
UV accordion can defend against damage from various elements.
This accordion has rope with a variety of beautiful colors and in accordance with your bedroom

B. Suntex blinds

Suntex blinds are branch of roller blind, made of vinyl-coated polyester. Suntex blinds are not suitable for the use of interior room, because this thing is only suitable outdoors. Because objects can withstand extremely sunshine and rain, therefore, this thing is only suitable for outdoors.

The bed is a place to let go of fatigue and gain energy. If the bed that we have not gets the feeling of comfort, then we have to replace it with a product that makes us comfortable

One suitable product is IKEA, this product not only offers convenience, and this product offers multiple functions as:
1. Place the storage of goods
2. Luxurious furniture

From the picture above is an example of IKEA Furniture products that look very elegant with elegant furniture and luxurious than that, there are cabinets made of furniture for storage of various goods. Therefore we must understand that in the bedroom is not only a mattress there, but how do we make our own rooms lovely.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets Ikea

For children usually design must comply with the criteria favored by children so that when a child enters her room, e.g. pillows, blankets and bed linen is cartoon patterned. The children feel the room is a haven for him to release tired.

The conclusion from this section is that to make the bedroom, we should pay attention to the layout of the rooms suitable, and what is needed in the room and if necessary have the aesthetic value or not. Because except comfort needed, aesthetics are also needed in the design of the bedroom. The required objects are an accordion blind which serves to reduce the light entering it is also the aesthetic value of the accordion blinds come with beautiful colors in the room’s window. The third things that we need are IKEA furniture, that functioning for sleeping comfortable and magnificence. If all of them combined, room was being design will be so beautiful. It is called by home sweet home