Decorating Small Studio Apartment

Decorating small studio apartment is not easy. You should create a comfortable room in the narrow space. Having a comfortable shalter is everyone’s dream. But, many people doesn’t have a lot of money to buy or rent a large apartment. Now, Throw away your thinking that only stay in the big apartment we can feel comfortale. Actually,  the size is not a big deal to make a shalter comfortable. But, how we decorate it and how we take a right furnitures inside are the most important to create a homy small studio apartment. Some considerations that you have to think when you want to decorate a small studio apartment are how to devide the room, how to maximize the space of the room without leaving the aesthetics and how to make it comfortable.

Decorating small studio apartment

As we know that there is no wall in the studio apartment type. To make your own room such as bedroom privately, you can put a devider. It can be hanging wall devider from fabric, bamboo, wood and large paper. Besides, a tall cupboard which has multi function as the storage of clothes, books and the others things also can be used to devide your room. So, those cupboard has two functions. It is not only as a storage but also devide your room. It’s perfect.

It is not bad if you want to wall mounted shelf. You can put your picture there and also some small ornaments like flower, ceramic decoration, books, TV, DVD player. It suitable for a small studio apartment because it beautify your small studio apartment without reducing too much space. Just make sure that your wall mounted shelf is stable enough when you want to put books, TV, and DVD. In the other case, you also can make a hunger for small things such as comb, cutter, scissors, and keys to make you easier to reach it.

The best thing to do with your interior is always choose a simple and a multifunction furniture if you have small space apartment. It is recommended for you to use the table which can also become a storage, the small sofa with soft colors, and the great wall painted with natural colors (gray, brown, and white). Natural colors give wider effect toward the room.  Avoid dark colors because it will give a full effect to your room. Moreover, To make your decorating small studio apartment  more excellent you can paint your interior walls with a same color because too much colors that you apply can make it looks worse.