Some Purple Room Decorating Ideas for Interior Design

Creating a house with your favorite color will give you a different feeling. You’ll feel relaxed and happy enjoying your house with the color that you pick yourself. Purple is one of many colors that give relaxing feeling in a room. In order to create a refreshing room, you can combine dark purple and gray color. Purples can be put in the form of wall colors, accessories, floor color and other furniture that is painted with purple. To make the room looks interesting, you can combine purple with other colors. Here are some ideas to decorate your house with purple.

Purple Room Accessories

In order to create a great look of purple room you need to utilize purple accessories, too. There are various kinds of accessories that you can use for your room. For a living room, choose a light purple sofa with dark purple cushions to create a great mixture of colors. Moreover, choose a combination of gray and light purple for the wall color. To create a focal point in your living room, put a big painting on the wall. The painting can be abstract or any other types of paintings that you like.

Then, you can bring purple in to your bedroom. Many choices of purple accessories can be put in the bedroom like purple sheets, cushions, bed, vanity, and many others. If you want like to have dolls you can bring along the dolls in your bedroom. Purple accessories can be in the form of lighting. There are various styles of lights you can choose for your bedroom. For a classic style of bedroom, you can choose classic lights that offer classic design and pattern. In addition, choosing purple vases for your bedroom will make the room look more romantic.

Purple Dining Room Decorating Ideas

To create purple dining room design, there are a lot of choices you can take from internet or interior magazines. The first idea to consider is putting a purple backdrop in your dining room to create a grand effect. You can blend the purple backdrop with black decors like black photo frames and chandeliers and mismatched chairs and tables. Those combinations will create an eclectic appeal. Moreover, you can create a modern dining room by choosing purple and geometric wallpaper for the dining walls. Match the wallpaper with modern furniture and décor to create a modern effect in your dining room. Modern dining room décor also can be created by choosing a simple flooring style like hardwood or tiles.

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