Kids Bathroom Design Inspiration

The application of kids bathroom is almost similar with the kids’ bedroom interior décor ideas. Basically, kid has natural characteristic to always interested in color and shape. No wonder that many bedroom interior designs for kid are decorated with unique shape and color on the entire room space including wall, ceiling, and furniture.

This application of color and shape is also available in kids bathroom decorating project. The simple way to decorate this kid room area is by considering appropriate theme on the bathroom. There are many characters of cartoon which must be favorite theme for your children. It is such simple decorating concept by applying wallpaper, wall decal, and mural.

The application of certain theme in the kids’ bathroom should be completed with suitable furniture design. Today, furniture manufactures design the sanitary intentionally for bathroom for kid. No wonder that it is simple to find sanitary set that suitable for the cartoon character theme. You can also read about Home gym in this site.

Besides Mickey Mouse, deep sea, animal, and even Star Wars theme, paint color application should be cheerful enough to complete the kids cleaning room. Choose three or more colors application to make cozy look such as lime green, yellow, red, and blue. Those colors are blended to contrast pure white color as base color in the kids bathroom.