Tips for Pink Home Decor Ideas

Having daughters enables parents to create unique home décor ideas. Most daughters like to have a pink room with pink accessories inside it. Due to that reason, there are many pink home décor ideas you can try to apply for your daughters’ room.

Pink Home Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

If you want to decorate your daughters’ room with pink, firstly you need to look at the size of the room. If you have a big room, you can utilize many things to decorate it with pinky accessories but if the room is a small one you need to think how to create a unique pink room with a small space. The first step you should do is painting the room’s wall with light pink color. You can play with colors beside pink without minimizing the pink effect in that room. Try something a little funkier like painting horizontal stripes in bold colors like red or blue to make the room look larger.

Then, a smaller room usually has lower ceiling and to make it look taller you can paint the ceiling with horizontal stripes style. You can try to paint the whole room with beige or white and paint one wall with pink to make a focal point in that room.

Interior Design for Small Spaces Living Room

Besides utilizing paints to create a larger room, you also can play with furniture and accessories to change a small living room to look bigger. The first way to create more space in a small living room is by choosing furniture that mounts on the wall. For instance, choose a TV that’s attached to the wall instead of having a large one stand. Moreover, choose a wall-mounted shelf as a substitute of tables since tables will take up a lot of space. You can use a wall-mounted shelf to display trophies, picture frames and put books.  Furthermore, choose wall sconces as a replacement for table lamps. You also can choose a storage ottoman as a chair and a storage space.

Then, you need to consider window treatments to make the small living room look larger. In choosing window treatments try to consider the furniture in the room. If you utilize patterned furniture in the living room, try to choose simple and clean window treatments. For instance, roman blinds that come in a wide range of colors and stripes for your small living room. In addition, choose the same shade of window treatments as the walls to create a larger effect in the living room.

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