Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room In Colorful Design

Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room, painting is the process or art of using paint, in a picture,

as a protective coating, or as decoration and wall painting is a painting made directly on a wall, such as a fresco or moral. Lets get creative for our wall painting ideas for room and design for our living  room.

Wall painting is the first component that make us feel comfortable or not at home. Many people make a fantastic wall painting and projects that make  fresh atmosphere. We can give a great color to a space and experiment with smaller doses of brighter, bolder hues. We can use accent walls to help us create flow color. By using of the same color in fabrics, finishes, accessories, and furnishing in adjoining rooms, we can create a seamless transition from space to space.

Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room In Colorful Design

Let our inspiration high fly to look for many ideas about our wall painting. Make a bold statement. Bold colorful shades are good accent wall paint colors because they accentuate a space without overpowering it. For example, perhaps we are using bright colors in our decorative accessories throughout  our space, but they same far too bold for entire walls. And then create a subtle contrast. If we prefer a more gentle contrast, try using a deeper version of our existing wall color on one strategic wall. This can be enough to add interest and break the monotony of a single – color space.

Choose the right paint color to help us choose the best accent wall for our space, use a color from a pillow or our favorite artwork, for example, as our inspiration. What is the most appealing color in that space? Does i work with the main wall color? would you enjoy living with accessories  in that same color? Whatever shade we choose, an accent wall allows us to express our own unique, confident design style. So grab a paint brush and let our imagination go and make a thousand of beautiful paint colors and develop our accent wall paint ideas.

Wall painting ideas has a great effect for us. It could affect all of the activities that we do around the house, for example when we are working or studying, we need a good mood, concentration and of course full of fresh atmosphere. So give the best colors that make us always comfortable and feel fresh because it could increase our concentration and mood when we doing something.

Bedroom Feng Shui Master Color For Great Room

Bedroom Feng Shui, Feng Shui have literally meaning “wind and water”.

It is the ancient art of placement. The goal of feng shui is to enhance the balance of chi (yin and yang) that can create harmonious environments, support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness. Feng shui is not only about placing and arranging things in order to get the possitive energy inside a room. But, it’s also related to colors that are used to decor a room. Colors have two elements of chi (yin and yang). Yin is the female energy and yang is the male energy. Ideally, we have to make a balance between both elements. It aims to give you a spiritual energy.

It is better to bring a calm, peaceful, and comfortable nuance in your bedroom. Therefore, the bedroom should have more yin which is related to nurturing, passive and loving than yang which is related to energic, aggressive and excited. The first color which is good for bedroom feng shui is blue. Blue is a water element on feng shui. It’s identic with peacefulness, patience and spirituality. As clear as the sky and ocean, blue can be a peaceful nuance for bedroom and meditation room.

Bring the optimism and balance toward green color (wood element). In the feng shui green is a symbol of renewal, fresh energy and regeneration. Green color gives nature nuance in your bedroom fang shui. It helps you reach the deep sleep that you can get the best sleep quality. Besides, green is very good for healthy because it brings the healing feng shui vibrations from nature to balance the whole body. Based on feng shui, a bedroom feng shui with green wall color can make you feel fresh as nature, so when you wake up in the morning you will have a new spirit and optimism.

Bedroom Feng Shui Master Color For Great Room

The other color which is good for bedroom feng shui is pink. It’s a fire element as the symbol of gentle, smoothing, and loving. As we know that pink is a universal of love, it gives soften energy in your bedroom space. This color gives a calm nuance that can make you feel comfort. Some feng shui practitioners choose pink rather than red as the bedroom wall color. It is because pink has the vibrant of gentle and delicate that can make you relax. In opposite, red brings the virant of joy and excitement which can causes the feeling of anxiety and makes you difficult to relax. So, pink is a good color for a bedroom feng shui.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas With Exotic Wood

Vintage Bedroom Ideas is a great way to decorate contemporary bed spaces that reflect cozy comfort and chic style.

According to Indian tradition main door of the house plays a important role. Use Antique doors to give your main door Indian traditional look. Lets learn more by read statements below.

Indian tradition was created with a vintage feel in your bedroom with our teak wooden furniture. Place a wooden bookcase to create a reading nook in your room. Vintage style decor add a sense of Indian tradition, cottage and visual interest. By adding antique furniture, brass sculptures, stone statues, wood carving statues, vintage sari textiles, these item change your Vintage Bedroom Ideas into a unique vintage atmosphere. You can put this item together to create a beautiful vintage style to any room.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas With Exotic Wood

Indian furniture commonly associate dark exotic woods or woods finished to appear exotic. Indian furniture is often elaborately carved and inlaid with wood It also may be painted with various colorful motifs. Indian furniture often reflects the graceful elements of classical Indian architecture. Jharokha (or jharoka) is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used in Indian architecture. Antique furniture are would give a very classic and royal look to any room. Decor your home with our antique armoire cabinet, table chest, carved wall panels, wooden headboards, wooden sideboard buffet and antique doors.

You can use a vintage sari fabric, in the form of curtains, throws and tapestries. You should pay attention to your windows and be careful chose bedspreads and coordinated pillow covers can add an element of exotic to your bedroom. The vintage sari is an extremely versatile item in Indian home decor. Vintage sari used to make wall hangings, tapestries, pillows, cushion covers and bedspreads to bring splendid and Indian inspired look to your home or any room. You can also add silk sari curtains for windows. Indian inspired bedspreads and pillows instantly give your house the vintage feel.

Brass statues, wooden sculptures and stone carving statues give classy and traditional look to any room or home. You can use these Indian statues for your meditation room, meditation studio and Yoga studio. Wood statue sculptures are most favorites in the figurines of Gods, mystic and of saviors. These excellent statues well carved, use this statues to decor your home. Browse our Hindu god statues, like Shiva statues, Lakshmi statues, Ganesha sculptures, Krishna statues, Buddha sculpture for decor. Those are some indian tradition Vintage Bedroom Ideas that has natural sense.