Living Room Decor Ideas for Small Apartments

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decor Ideas for Small Apartments, living Room is a central space in a building. If you have many relations, you will discuss your business there. Beside that, you may spend your leasure time to do many pleasure things there such as, watching TV, drinking coffee, reading book and many more. That’s why thinking that “it’s not important to decorate a living room” is wrong. Nothing is impossible to make over a living room even you only have a small space. Make it easy. A limited space doesn’t mean forbidden do anything. You can make an experiment to decorate it.

First thing that you can do is make sure your apartment space. You can decide which space that you choose to be a living room. After that you can recognize the furnitures that you need. Don’t put many things there, especially the large size items. A simple comfortable bed sofa with soft color is appropriate to small living rooms. You can use a coffee table which can be a storage for book, DVD, paper, or coffee. An elegant floor lamp is suitable for your small living room.

Living Room Decor Ideas for Small Apartments

Using a living room only for one purpose is a wrong concept. It’s not a big deal to devide one room as one purpose only if you have a large shelter. Unfortunately, you don’t have it. But, don’t worry about it. You can make your living room area becomes a multi purposes room. Placing a medium size of TV plasma and DVD player for your entertainment purpose. If your hobby is reading, you can also put a large book shelf besides your TV table. In that shelf you can display not only your book collections but also small ornaments like candle, framed picture, cup, and etc. Those ideas make your living room has many functions. It is not only as a living room but also as the entertaining place, library, and storage.

The other idea is related to the small details. Choose a soft color for your wall. There are many colors that you can apply. Dark gray looks masculine for your room, while white color looks fresh and clean. It gives wider effect toward your room. Put some pop colors as your choosen furniture will be a nice combination to your decoration idea, for example pillow and carpet. Beside it, Don’t be doubt to display pictures in your wall.  Some hanging picture can be placed in your empty living room wall. If you feel your room didn’t get a sufficient light even in the day, you can put a mirror on your wall. To make it works, note the direction of the light. Put the mirror face the window or the direction of the light. That’s the living room decor ideas for small apartments. Hoping that it will give you any inspiration to decor your living room.

Author: Basuki Ahok

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