How to DIY Steampunk Home Decor

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Utilizing industrial materials can make your home looks eccentric and unique. One of the ways to utilize it is by developing. Steampunk is actually a well-known interior design but not all people know about the detail of this design. Talking about steampunk, maybe some of us remember about Victorian era where many inventions were invented back then. Victorian era that brings along steampunk idea combines between elegant Victorian interior accessories with the strength of industrial elements. Here are some tips to do-it-yourself steampunk home décor.

Steampunk Décor Ideas

The first consideration to create steampunk is using muted neutral colors rather than choosing the cheerful ones. Some colors like sepia, brown, cream, dark red, black, and dark green are very common in creating Victorian style. Choose one of those colors but if you want to combine some colors to be put in one room it’s still fine. Metallic colors are also great choices for this style. The second thing you should ponder in mind is that you don’t need to be afraid to use refurbished furniture. It’s one of its characteristics to utilize old furniture in order to give a special charm to a house. Creating a steampunk interior design doesn’t always require new furniture.

DIY Steampunk Living Room Ideas

Creating your own steampunk living room enables you to utilize the old furniture into your house. For a living room, you can add an industrial touch with exposed bricks on the wall. Let the bricks as they are and don’t paint them. Bricks offer natural color like dark brown and it’ll ease you in choosing furniture with the same colors as the bricks. You can choose the same tone of sofa for the living room and add a fireplace beside the sofa. Then, if you have an old cabinet place them in the living room and don’t paint with a new color since it’ll lose its classic value.


Furthermore, living room wall can be decorated with old maps to create awesome wall murals. You can let the old maps stick on the wall without any frame or if you have a smaller size of old maps you can frame and hang them on the walls. Another idea is decorating the lampshades with maps. The older the maps you have the better the result will be. In addition, purchase a terrestrial globe if you don’t have one in your house. It’ll be a focal point of accessory in your living room if you have it.

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