Creating Kitchen Rustic Home Décor by DIY Project


Living in a country gives us many advantages which one of them is related with rustic home décor. In order to create a rustic home décor, you don’t need to purchase expensive materials. Using natural materials is all you need. A rustic home style is also a perfect choice for those who have limited budget. There are many yard sales you can go to purchase rustic furnishings or maybe you already had it in your won attic. One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to rustic home décor, the comfort comes first rather than the perfection. Here are some ideas for rustic primitive and country kitchen décor.

Rustic Primitive Home Décor

Let’s start to create a rustic primitive home décor by choosing a neutral palette for the living room. The color gives soothing and traditional feeling. For the floors, most country homes have stone or plank floors. If you have one of those floors leave them in their natural state to create a natural rustic primitive home. If you have laminate or vinyl floor you can cover it with scattering of inexpensive rag rugs. For the walls, use planks of salvaged barn wood or traditional bricks and don’t paint them but let them in their natural condition.

When you want to furnish your living room with rustic primate style, you can save your money by choosing used furniture that you already had or by purchasing it in the yard sales. Some ideas for rustic furniture to be placed in the living room include a worn sofa and chairs that are covered with vintage quilts. Moreover, you can create your own pillows filled with feed sacks.

Rustic Country Kitchen Décor

To create a rustic country kitchen décor, you can start from the cabinet. Remove the cabinetry’s upper doors to create an easy access to dishes and cookware. You can apply the open-door style for all furniture in the kitchen like displaying linens, utensils and spices in crocks as well as bowls on the countertops. Then, a rustic country kitchen usually has a big table. If you don’t have one, purchase it in a yard sale or secondhand store. This kind of table is suitable to serve big breakfasts for special family events. The big table is also beneficial to put the pie dough.

The big table in the kitchen can be modified by adding wooden benches around it and add some mismatched chairs to supply ample seating. In addition, you can put a tin pitcher filled with wildflowers from your yard to create a low-cost centerpiece.

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