How to deal with your lodge interior decorating

Some of us are lucky enough to have a lodge house that is located in the country where they can spend some of their time in the weekend with their family. Well, if you are as lucky as those people are, you have to be grateful because you have the best place where you can spend your holiday. However, many of these lucky people do not feel lucky when they are inside their lodge house. The reason is because they fail to decorate their lodge house so that their lodge house can look as comfortable as it should be. Therefore, if you own a lodge house and you want to spend your weekend and your holiday in that place, it is better for you to start thinking about the lodge interior decorating and many other kinds of designs before you pack your back to go to that place.

What to do for your lodge home design

                You have to bear in mind that your lodge house is supposed to be comfortable because this place is specifically designed for holiday season and maybe for the weekend of yours. Thus, when dealing with the lodge home design, the thing that you need to put in your mind is that you have to make the house as comfortable as possible. Then, how should we do it? There are many things that can make your lodge house look amazing yet comforting. For example, you may need to use the best quality of woods for building the walls of the lodge house. Wood is chosen not without any reason. It is the natural compound of the wood that will help us all of those concrete structures that we have seen and what we have been in for the whole weekdays.

Think about the interior decoration such as the lodge kitchen decor

Once you have exterior covered, the thing that you do next is to think about the interior of the lodge house. After all, you are going to spend most of your time inside the lodge and not outside. Thus, after finishing dealing with the exterior, you need to make your lodges inside comfortable. For example, you need to start thinking about the lodge home design ideas that you want to makes. Just like what you have done with the exterior, a natural touch will be a good idea because this touch will let your mind rest from the city life that you have been dealing with.

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Creating Kitchen Rustic Home Décor by DIY Project

Living in a country gives us many advantages which one of them is related with rustic home décor. In order to create a rustic home décor, you don’t need to purchase expensive materials. Using natural materials is all you need. A rustic home style is also a perfect choice for those who have limited budget. There are many yard sales you can go to purchase rustic furnishings or maybe you already had it in your won attic. One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to rustic home décor, the comfort comes first rather than the perfection. Here are some ideas for rustic primitive and country kitchen décor.

Rustic Primitive Home Décor

Let’s start to create a rustic primitive home décor by choosing a neutral palette for the living room. The color gives soothing and traditional feeling. For the floors, most country homes have stone or plank floors. If you have one of those floors leave them in their natural state to create a natural rustic primitive home. If you have laminate or vinyl floor you can cover it with scattering of inexpensive rag rugs. For the walls, use planks of salvaged barn wood or traditional bricks and don’t paint them but let them in their natural condition.

When you want to furnish your living room with rustic primate style, you can save your money by choosing used furniture that you already had or by purchasing it in the yard sales. Some ideas for rustic furniture to be placed in the living room include a worn sofa and chairs that are covered with vintage quilts. Moreover, you can create your own pillows filled with feed sacks.

Rustic Country Kitchen Décor

To create a rustic country kitchen décor, you can start from the cabinet. Remove the cabinetry’s upper doors to create an easy access to dishes and cookware. You can apply the open-door style for all furniture in the kitchen like displaying linens, utensils and spices in crocks as well as bowls on the countertops. Then, a rustic country kitchen usually has a big table. If you don’t have one, purchase it in a yard sale or secondhand store. This kind of table is suitable to serve big breakfasts for special family events. The big table is also beneficial to put the pie dough.

The big table in the kitchen can be modified by adding wooden benches around it and add some mismatched chairs to supply ample seating. In addition, you can put a tin pitcher filled with wildflowers from your yard to create a low-cost centerpiece.

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Kitchen Retro Home Décor Ideas

Some people may be interested to create a modern look in their house but some others prefer to have a retro or vintage look for their interior design. The last one is actually one of home décors that offers a unique style to create a cozy and friendly environment. You can display your collections like vintage furniture, kitchenware or advertising pieces in retro home style.

Retro Kitchen Accessories

Talking about retro stuff, there are a lot of things you can put as accessories for your kitchen. To create a retro kitchen, you need to install checkerboard flooring with several furnishings like retro-inspire or new furnishings. You can choose two colors for the checkerboard, not only black and white, based on your favorite colors. Moreover, choose two other shades of colors for the bench-style booth and a breakfast nook. Add a big wall clock on the wall that’s painted with neon color or you can put a kitschy cat clock if you want to create a dramatic effect in your kitchen.

You also can play with other eras to create a retro kitchen. For instance, the 1970s style of kitchen may utilize old kitchen canisters as well as small appliances that go with the era. Adding harvest gold or avocado green will make the 70s kitchen era looks life. If you have an old cupboard, remove one or two of its doors to display your vintage kitchen utensils like glasses, cups or plates.

Retro Kitchen Ideas

In order to create a retro kitchen, you need to consider some things. First, decide the color palette for the countertops and cabinets since those two are the crucial furniture for your kitchen. Retro decade is between 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Pastel shades of light blue, pink and yellow are the common kitchen colors in the 1950s. On the other hand, earth tones like gold; red, orange and pea green were very famous in the 1960s and 1970s.

After deciding the colors for the countertops and cabinets, take some ideas related to furniture in retro decade. Most retro kitchens in the 1950s used painted cabinets with unique style like utilizing glass knobs, open shelves, and see-through glass cabinets. You may also combine both painted cabinets with open-shelved cabinets for your retro kitchen. Then, countertops in retro decade were granite, slate and marble countertops. During the 1950s, tile was very popular for countertops. If you want to utilize it try to combine some design materials and patterns like checkerboard tile countertops.

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Southern Home Decor Ideas for Beginners

There are a lot of home designs that you can use as references to create yours. One of them is southern home décor. It offers a simple look with simple design interior. The first thing you should consider when you want to create a southern home décor is choosing the basic color with your favorite one. Let’s take white into example. In order to create an overall white look in your home, you need to prepare white upholstery, too. The fabric line as well as the linen lampshades is all in white to create a peaceful effect. Some ideas here may help you find the right interior decoration for southern style home.


Southern Interior Decorating

As you choose white as the basic color for Southern home décor, you can play with various hues to create a more colorful effect but still look light. White that you use doesn’t need to be as pure as snow but there are many white hues you can utilize to create southern interior décor such as beige gray, light navy blue and light lime green. Paint the ceiling with beige gray to create extra dimension. It’s crucial for those who have a smaller size of living room to create a large effect. Then, the walls in the living room can be painted with light navy blue to give a refreshing feel. You can add the same color for the sofa if you want to create a harmonious color.



Southern Kitchen Décor

Southern kitchen décor offers various designs such as burst of citrus, modern rancher, rustic copper and many others. Burst of citrus offers a refreshing look by bringing a simple design with pops of green for the dining chairs. Moreover, the installation of dining lights on above the dining table will give a different feeling in the kitchen. Modern rancher kitchen, on the other hand utilizes more wood and old pottery furniture such as wooden cabinet that’s combined with modern design of dining chairs.

Rustic copper kitchen also offers a different design from southern. The ceiling of this kitchen is made of wood as well as for the flooring. Then, the sink, the cabinet and the dining table are made of copper so both copper and wood are in the same room as a great combination of traditional and modern style of kitchen. In addition, charming farmhouse kitchen is a right choice for those who like to create a farmhouse nuance in their kitchen. By combining a farmhouse charm and modern furniture you’ll have a great charming farmhouse kitchen.

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Southwest Home Decor Offers Unique Designs

Southwest home décor gives a rugged touch to your interior space. It offers rugged aesthetics and landscapes in a house as the results of the Wild West, tribal influences and Mexican-inspired elements. Moreover, a southwest home décor is usually identical with the textures of worn rope and sun-parched pottery that give a little grit to a home.

Southwest Home Décor Catalogs

There are many southwest home décor catalogs that you can purchase in the bookstore or you can actually download them in internet. The catalogs contain various ideas to create southwest home décor and each catalog offers different designs. One of the designs you can consider will be explained as follows. First, you can utilize Southwestern curtains for the window. The fabrics for curtains or rugs are mostly offered in unique patterned the Southwestern patterns. Choose the pattern that you want for the curtains. Then, there are other items that you can use as accessories for your Southwestern home such as candleholder set with native pattern, tribal spirit Southwest mirrored wall sconce pair, Texas lone star metal wall plaque, El Camino Southwest stained glass table lamp, Mesa Verde pottery metal wall sculpture and many more.

southwest home décor catalogs 1

Southwest Kitchen Décor

Southwest kitchen décor emphasizes the utilization of Southwestern charms such as pottery, smooth edges and logs. Those charms create authentic interior designs for kitchen. Wood also takes an important part in this kitchen style. You can utilize the wood which is still in the form of tree to be placed somewhere in the kitchen to give a country style. Moreover, the floors are usually made of wood or stones to give a natural environment. The placement of traditional potteries on the shelves also makes the kitchen look artistic.

If you want to create a more colorful Southwestern kitchen, you can paint some cabinets in it with blood red. Then, combine the red cabinets made of wood with stainless steel sink. Add some Southwestern paintings from ceramics to be placed on the kitchen wall to create a natural look of this style. Moreover, choose old-fashioned chandelier to be hung in the kitchen. Above the sink, you can install traditional shelves that are painted with Southwestern pattern. You can put bottles of wines or other kitchen utensils there.

Another alternative you can consider is utilizing eclectic hand-forged-hardware and hinges that are especially made in Southwestern areas. Don’t forget to add a fireplace in the kitchen if there’s some space left. You can create the traditional fireplace made of stone if you want to strengthen the Southwest kitchen style.

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Creating Spanish Home Design with Your Own Creativity

Spanish home design is focused on the classic Spanish features. From the exterior designs, there is white stucco walls, red terracotta roof tiles, wrought iron gates and window grilles as well as carved entry doors. For the interior design, Spanish home décor utilizes decorative wrought iron. It helps accommodating a Spanish-style chandelier, wall sconces and stair railing inside a house. Check the detail explanation about interior Spanish home décor below.

Spanish Home Interior

Besides utilizing decorative wrought iron, Spanish home interior also utilizes wooden ceiling beams. The wooden ceilings can be installed to the whole rooms or in certain rooms only. For instance, you can install wooden ceiling beams in the living room to create a warm rustic feel. By the existence of fireplace, the wooden ceiling beams can give an intimate feeling towards the home owners. Moreover, paint the walls with layers of warm tones like gold, gray or cream. The main material for the walls is stucco. You can paint them based on the color that you like.

You also can play with painted tiles that you can install on stair risers. There are many good tiles you can use for the stairs and one of them is Catalina style tiles which offer glossy and matte finishes. Those combinations bring wonderful patterns to the tiles. Don’t afraid to combine different patterns for your stair raises tiles since it’s time to mix and match patterns to create a cheerful feel.

Spanish Kitchen Décor

Spanish kitchen décor mostly utilizes earthy tiles with various color choices like red, yellow, grey and many others. Kitchen wall can be painted with white or other neutral color so you can paint kitchenware with other colors. If you paint the walls with white, you can choose blue, for instance, for the kitchen cabinet and countertops. Moreover, choose an old-fashioned chandelier to be hung above the dining table and chairs that are made of wood. Put a vase with wild flowers to add a natural look in your kitchen.


Beside the aforementioned characteristics, Spanish home décor is usually filled with hand-painted ceramic sinks that make authentic accents in the bathrooms. The lanterns aren’t always the old-fashioned ones but also metal lanterns and candleholders can be utilized in a Spanish kitchen style. In addition, there are many other accessories that represent Spanish home style include colorful textiles of Navajo or Oriental rugs and blankets, luxurious velvet curtains, layers or colorful fabrics for pillows and old world-style wall tapestries.

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Ideas to Utilize Sun Flower Decorations

Bringing sunflower into a house is a good idea to create a refreshing feel. With its yellow flowers, you can create cheerful feeling inside your house. There are many choices of sunflower decorations such as sunflower wall décor, kitchen décor, bedroom décor and living room décor. If you like to create a life and cheerful environment, you can utilize sunflower decorations in your home. Here are some ideas about the utilization of this flower that you can use as references.

Sunflower Wall Décor

To create sunflower wall décor, there are some alternatives you can consider. First, you can utilize sunflower murals to be installed in your living room. The existence of sunflower murals will create a cheerful and warm feel in the living room. Moreover, you can stick sunflower paintings on the wall whether it’s in the dining room or in the kitchen. Placing sunflower painting on the kitchen wall will create a new spirit to cook foods. The same thing also goes in the dining room. When you place sunflower painting on the dining room it’ll make you want to eat the food happily.


Besides, you can place sunflower painting in the bedroom if you want to create a cheerful and warm feel in it. By placing the painting in the bedroom, once you wake up from your sleep you’ll have a new spirit to face your day. Moreover, you can purchase ceramics with sunflower painting to be installed on the wall in certain room. Beside ceramics, you can consider the real sunflower to be put in the vase, sunflower wall art, wall mirror sunflower and many others.

Sunflower Kitchen Décor

Sunflower decorations can be put in the kitchen. Some alternatives here may give you enlightenment. First, place a super long table in the kitchen and decorate it with sunflowers. You can place little bottles that you don’t use and put the flowers inside each bottle. Arrange the height of the bottles so they’ll create a great position. Another idea is also putting sunflowers inside the same height of bottles and put them on the long dining table. The same height of bottles shows the modern design in the kitchen.

Then, you can put sunflowers in a big vase and place it in the middle of the dining table. The shape of the table isn’t a big problem so whether you have a square or round dining table you still can decorate it with sunflowers. Combining sunflowers with branches also gives a great feel.