Creating Spanish Home Design with Your Own Creativity

Spanish home design is focused on the classic Spanish features. From the exterior designs, there is white stucco walls, red terracotta roof tiles, wrought iron gates and window grilles as well as carved entry doors. For the interior design, Spanish home décor utilizes decorative wrought iron. It helps accommodating a Spanish-style chandelier, wall sconces and stair railing inside a house. Check the detail explanation about interior Spanish home décor below.

Spanish Home Interior

Besides utilizing decorative wrought iron, Spanish home interior also utilizes wooden ceiling beams. The wooden ceilings can be installed to the whole rooms or in certain rooms only. For instance, you can install wooden ceiling beams in the living room to create a warm rustic feel. By the existence of fireplace, the wooden ceiling beams can give an intimate feeling towards the home owners. Moreover, paint the walls with layers of warm tones like gold, gray or cream. The main material for the walls is stucco. You can paint them based on the color that you like.

You also can play with painted tiles that you can install on stair risers. There are many good tiles you can use for the stairs and one of them is Catalina style tiles which offer glossy and matte finishes. Those combinations bring wonderful patterns to the tiles. Don’t afraid to combine different patterns for your stair raises tiles since it’s time to mix and match patterns to create a cheerful feel.

Spanish Kitchen Décor

Spanish kitchen décor mostly utilizes earthy tiles with various color choices like red, yellow, grey and many others. Kitchen wall can be painted with white or other neutral color so you can paint kitchenware with other colors. If you paint the walls with white, you can choose blue, for instance, for the kitchen cabinet and countertops. Moreover, choose an old-fashioned chandelier to be hung above the dining table and chairs that are made of wood. Put a vase with wild flowers to add a natural look in your kitchen.


Beside the aforementioned characteristics, Spanish home décor is usually filled with hand-painted ceramic sinks that make authentic accents in the bathrooms. The lanterns aren’t always the old-fashioned ones but also metal lanterns and candleholders can be utilized in a Spanish kitchen style. In addition, there are many other accessories that represent Spanish home style include colorful textiles of Navajo or Oriental rugs and blankets, luxurious velvet curtains, layers or colorful fabrics for pillows and old world-style wall tapestries.

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How to Create a Swedish Home Decorating Style

Many people utilize Swedish home design for their house. They use it because it offers elegance and casual look that are universal. Swedish home design is mostly influenced by the light and weather of Scandinavia that’s long dreary winters combined with dusk and a lack of natural light. Due to that reason, Swedish style decors are popular with anything pale, airy, light and lustrous. Since Swedish home design is dominant with pale furnishings, walls and floors the interiors are decorated with cheerful, warm and calm style.

Swedish Home Design

There are some specific details that represent Swedish home styles. First, the walls, floors, accessories, and furniture of Swedish style are painted with pale colors such as cream, white, soft yellow, soft green, pale pink and dove gray. Although the main tones are mostly pale the surfaces are painted with red or gold. Then, blue is another popular color that’s utilized in Swedish interior design. The same as white, blue reflects the feeling of fresh, clear and it can be combined with other colors from Swedish color palette.


Moreover, Swedish interior design also utilizes colors against white like red. The color is usually used for fabrics, wallpaper, stripes and floral prints. Then, the Swedish furniture is popular with its straight lines and gentle curves in which the legs are tapered at the floor. The sofa consists of wooden frames and carved legs with simple cushions and back pillows. Goods and floorings utilize light colored such as white pine, beech, birch and alder. In addition, most wooden Swedish furniture is painted with white, cream, soft gray and other soft colors.

Swedish Bedding

Talking about Swedish bedding, almost all decorations in the bedroom are light, simple and made of easy structure. Moreover, there are a lot of pictures and wall decorations hanging on the walls. All of those accessories are very aesthetic and functional. The walls, bedding, furnishings and accessories are all painted with light-whitish, ivory, mint cream, light blue and ghost white. Moreover, there are pale yellow, lavender blush, grayish, light khaki and rose utilized in this style.


One of the most popular colors for bedding is blue. Blue is identical with a deep blue and clear sky that brings cheerful and fresh nuance in the bedroom. Besides, blue also easily goes with golden, seashell and red colors. Red is also getting popular these days that you can find in bed linen, bed covers and carpets. Flowers materials are also be quite frequent.

These are the tips on how to make a trendy home decor

When we talk about trend, we all know that trend is something that is very flexible. You do not need to wait for several years to see how the trend that you are now following can change into another totally different trend. For example, let us take a look at the trend of home decoration style. There are a lot of people, I am sure that you are included, who want to have a house that follows the trend of home decoration. However, this trend will may not be in the market for very long because it tends to change. Fortunately, there are several home trends that will stay longer than the others will. Thus, if you want to apply some trendy home decor styles, there are some home decorations styles that you need to try for your home if you want to save a lot of money and time because these home decoration styles are more likely to stay longer than the other home decoration styles in the current trend.

Choice number one: modern home decor

The world is now moving forward to modernity, and this trend also applies to the realm of home decoration. If you want to apply a trend that will last longer than the others, modern home decor style will be a good idea because the concept of modern home decoration is more likely to stay. The reason behind this is because the world is always moving forward to modernity and it will not stop. Thus, applying modern home decoration style for your house will be a good idea because it will never stop. If you want to apply this kind of style for your house, you will see that monotonous color and solid colors that move towards white are the best color for this theme.

More pictures about trendy home decor and what other choices do you have

If you think that modernity is too much for you, then it will be a good idea if you can step back in the past to apply the traditional home decoration style. If you are an American, this means that you may use the western traditional decoration theme. This kind of style will be more likely to stay longer than other home decoration styles such as the shabby chic style. Feeling confused about what to choose? Well, there are a lot of more pictures about trendy home decor that you can select from the internet and from the magazine.

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How to make unusual home design

Do you feel that it is very boring to be normal? Well, sometimes you find that it is very hard to stay normal while you have a lot of wild imagination that you have been repressing. The thing is that you can actually have the chance to bring your wild imagination to live and be less normal than anybody else. For sure, if you want to do this, then you have to make sure that your imagination should never hurt anyone. Let us talk about how one’s imagination has to be unleashed when he or she wants to decorate or to design his or her home. If you have your own home or if you have your own apartment, you are actually able to apply some unusual home design ideas. Applying what you think is wild will not hurt anybody because it is your house or your apartment that is being used for your wild dream? So, what do you have in your mind? What will you do to your house?

Some example of unique home decor

Well, there have been a lot of people who want to have an unusual design for their home and applying some unique home décor ideas is the simplest thing that they can do. They may have no chance to remodel the structure of the house or their apartment because it will need them to allocate a lot of money and time. Therefore, they are only limited to do the decoration and not full change. One of the most unique home decoration ideas that we may have seen so far probably the one that puts a lot of antique items in the house. For real, people who like antique items, or items that should not exist in the current time, are considered unique and not normal. However, it is also great to find that kind of people, especially if they can apply what they believe is fun in their home.

Another example of unusual wall decor ideas

                Another example of how a person can decorate their house in an unusual way is by decorating their wall. When you go to the internet, there are a lot of people who decorate their wall with some wild and unusual wall decor ideas. When you look at them, you may not understand what they are. However, for the people who apply those unusual ideas, those ideas are the masterpiece that not everyone can enjoy. What about you? What is your wildest imagination about your home?    



How to create upscale home decor

Many people want to have a luxurious house or an apartment that they may have seen in the television dramas or movies. However, not many of them have the luck to have that kind of apartment. Do you also want to have a house or apartment that looks upscale and luxurious? Well, if you have a lot of money, then this means that you can do it right away. The only problem is when you find out that you are not actually that rich. So, is this the end of your dream? Well, I have to say that having a luxurious apartment with some upscale home décor is not something about which you can only dream. Even though you are a person who lives in average income, you can also make your apartment look upscale. In this brief article, we are going to give you some tips on how to make your apartment or your home look upscale.

Upscale interior design: First thing first

First thing first, let us talk about the interior design of the house. When you think about redecorating your house or your apartment so that it can look more upscale, you have to avoid thinking about hiring a professional home decorator. You need to remember that you may need the money that you are going to use to hire that decorator for buying some items that will surely make your home look upscale. If you want to make your house look more upscale in term of its interior design, there are a lot of upscale interior design ideas in the internet that you can copy to your house or apartment. You do not need to choose or pick the one that is difficult to do, but you only need to pick the one that you think is easy. Imagine how much money that you can save by doing this on your own!

How to create upscale living room

The second thing that you have to do once you have done with the interior designing is to put some accessories or some items that will make your house look luxurious and upscale. The thing about doing this is that you do not really need to buy a new one. For example, if you want to put some items into your upscale living room, you can buy some pre-owned upscale items on the internet or from your nearest pawnshop. This way, you can save money while achieving your goal of having a luxurious and upscale house.


Here are some tips on Whimsical home decor ideas you have to know

Some people like their house look like the other houses in the neighborhood. However, some other people love to have a house that is very different from the others. If you are one of those people, then I am sure that you want to have an unusual house or whimsical house. Now, if you want to make your house look unique and unusual, there are a lot of ways and methods that you can use to make your house look that way. However, being unusual does not mean that you have to be dirty and unorganized. Even when you want to put the items or the color randomly, you have to know the pattern to make them look randomized even though they are not at all random. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips on how you should work on your Whimsical home decor ideas so that you can get the maximum benefits from your unique home design.


Some tips about Whimsical interior design

First thing first, if you want to make your house look whimsical or unique, you have to consider the items or the accessories or decorative items that you can put into your room or your house. For example, a common house will have some vases on the table or some picture frames hanging on the wall. Well, you can actually use those items for your house. However, you should not use the very same vase or the very same frame! You need to find the vase or the frame that has unique design! Choosing the one that has unique design will make your Whimsical interior design perfect. For example, you can get some vases that have asymmetrical design, which is different from any other vases. Otherwise, you can create your own picture frame that is also asymmetrical.


How to deal with Whimsical wall decor

Another thing that you need to do if you want turn your home into a unique home is change the color of your wall and give some unique touch onto your wall. By the change of color, what we mean is that you have to choose the color that is less usual than any other wall color. You may have seen people using green or red or white. Thus, to make your home more unique, you have to use a different shade of green or red. After you paint, you need to think about some Whimsical wall décor items that you can put on the wall.


Colorful bird home decor with blue, black and white color

Bird home decor are a good way to improve our home interior design. Even though the name implies of a place where a bird have home, in reality it is not. We can use this as a decoration to improve the quality of our home interior design. There are several types of bird home décor ideas that we can try to apply to our home interior design. First of all we can try to use or purchase a bird home décor that are already made from the store. This bird home décor usually have unique shape and decoration that shape like a real bird to give our home interior a natural atmosphere. Additionally, these kinds of home décor are quite easy to be getting because we can easily get them from the decoration and furniture store.

Other than its shape and design color are also an important home décor in a bird home decoration. Black and white home decor is a popular color that usually used for furniture and decoration due to its neutral style color. neutral style colored decoration is a great way to improve a home interior design because just as the name implies, the neutrality of the color allow the decoration to be mix and matched with different kinds of interior design, color theme and placement design. However, if we discus about the white and black color in more depth than the black color decoration is much more suitable to be applied in a large house while white are preferable to be used in small house.

Other than bird home décor with black and white color we can also use different home décor design that inspired from animal life. One of the examples is bear home décor, and aquatic home décor. Each home decoration offer different style of animal as its trademark. For example, bear home décor will use bear as its decorative inspiration while the aquatic home décor are using variety of sea creature as a design and inspiration. These kinds of decoration is a great way to make our home interior design feel more natural and relaxing just as like when we are near the nature itself.

Aquatic home décor itself is considered a decoration that using blue color as its main color theme. Blue home decor such as aquatic home décor will give our home interior different atmosphere if compared with bird and bear home décor. The sea and beach atmosphere is perfect for people who want a light hearted interior design. In conclusion, there are numerous home décor inspired from different kinds of animal life and all of them are a good choice if you want a more natural interior design for your home.