Easy and Simple Outdoor Home Décor Ideas

HighHomeImprovement.com – Decorating a house doesn’t stop to interior and exterior parts. You can decorate your wall although you have a small yard. There are a lot of outdoor home décor ideas you can take from internet. By using one or more home décor ideas you’ll be able to create an illusion of space. If you have small yard it’ll look wider if you utilize outdoor home décor ideas. Here are some considerations of wall decorations you can choose for your house.

Outdoor Wall Art

There are many ideas to make your outdoor wall becomes unique and artistic. One of the ways to realize it is by planting some plants and installing layers of trellises. In order to create an illusion of big yard, you can choose geometric patterns and the combinations of plants and those patterns will create an interesting focal point in your outdoor wall. Moreover, add some plastic coated clothesline to the wall and plant some ivy along the clothesline to create a natural look. Moreover, install some shelves to the wall and put potted plants to make them look beautiful. This idea is suitable for outdoor walls that aren’t exposed significantly to severe weather.

Another consideration to create a unique outdoor wall art is by choosing the right paint or color for the wall. Decide what mood you want to create by using certain colors, for instance, in order to create calm and peaceful mood you can choose pastel colors and if you want to create a lively mood choosing brighter colors are good ideas. Moreover, you can decorate outdoor wall with a mural. Choose a mural that complements your house and lawn. To create it paints the mural in a rustic style.

Outdoor Wall Decor

Wall décor for your outdoor area can be chosen based on the theme that you use for your house. If you have a country cottage style choosing Mexican tiles for outdoor wall can be a good idea. To create Mexican tiles outdoor wall you need to hang bamboo mats along the wall and add some wrought-iron plant hangers with colorful flowers to the wall. In addition, you can create a unique and long-lasting outdoor wall by choosing weather-resistant art. For instance, choose metal wall art, hang it and coat it with an outdoor acrylic spray to protect it from severe weather. Try to avoid plastic art since it won’t last long and it discolored easily during the temperature changes. Make sure to choose weather-resistant materials for your outdoor wall art.

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Creating Kitchen Rustic Home Décor by DIY Project

Living in a country gives us many advantages which one of them is related with rustic home décor. In order to create a rustic home décor, you don’t need to purchase expensive materials. Using natural materials is all you need. A rustic home style is also a perfect choice for those who have limited budget. There are many yard sales you can go to purchase rustic furnishings or maybe you already had it in your won attic. One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to rustic home décor, the comfort comes first rather than the perfection. Here are some ideas for rustic primitive and country kitchen décor.

Rustic Primitive Home Décor

Let’s start to create a rustic primitive home décor by choosing a neutral palette for the living room. The color gives soothing and traditional feeling. For the floors, most country homes have stone or plank floors. If you have one of those floors leave them in their natural state to create a natural rustic primitive home. If you have laminate or vinyl floor you can cover it with scattering of inexpensive rag rugs. For the walls, use planks of salvaged barn wood or traditional bricks and don’t paint them but let them in their natural condition.

When you want to furnish your living room with rustic primate style, you can save your money by choosing used furniture that you already had or by purchasing it in the yard sales. Some ideas for rustic furniture to be placed in the living room include a worn sofa and chairs that are covered with vintage quilts. Moreover, you can create your own pillows filled with feed sacks.

Rustic Country Kitchen Décor

To create a rustic country kitchen décor, you can start from the cabinet. Remove the cabinetry’s upper doors to create an easy access to dishes and cookware. You can apply the open-door style for all furniture in the kitchen like displaying linens, utensils and spices in crocks as well as bowls on the countertops. Then, a rustic country kitchen usually has a big table. If you don’t have one, purchase it in a yard sale or secondhand store. This kind of table is suitable to serve big breakfasts for special family events. The big table is also beneficial to put the pie dough.

The big table in the kitchen can be modified by adding wooden benches around it and add some mismatched chairs to supply ample seating. In addition, you can put a tin pitcher filled with wildflowers from your yard to create a low-cost centerpiece.

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How to DIY Steampunk Home Decor

Utilizing industrial materials can make your home looks eccentric and unique. One of the ways to utilize it is by developing. Steampunk is actually a well-known interior design but not all people know about the detail of this design. Talking about steampunk, maybe some of us remember about Victorian era where many inventions were invented back then. Victorian era that brings along steampunk idea combines between elegant Victorian interior accessories with the strength of industrial elements. Here are some tips to do-it-yourself steampunk home décor.

Steampunk Décor Ideas

The first consideration to create steampunk is using muted neutral colors rather than choosing the cheerful ones. Some colors like sepia, brown, cream, dark red, black, and dark green are very common in creating Victorian style. Choose one of those colors but if you want to combine some colors to be put in one room it’s still fine. Metallic colors are also great choices for this style. The second thing you should ponder in mind is that you don’t need to be afraid to use refurbished furniture. It’s one of its characteristics to utilize old furniture in order to give a special charm to a house. Creating a steampunk interior design doesn’t always require new furniture.

DIY Steampunk Living Room Ideas

Creating your own steampunk living room enables you to utilize the old furniture into your house. For a living room, you can add an industrial touch with exposed bricks on the wall. Let the bricks as they are and don’t paint them. Bricks offer natural color like dark brown and it’ll ease you in choosing furniture with the same colors as the bricks. You can choose the same tone of sofa for the living room and add a fireplace beside the sofa. Then, if you have an old cabinet place them in the living room and don’t paint with a new color since it’ll lose its classic value.


Furthermore, living room wall can be decorated with old maps to create awesome wall murals. You can let the old maps stick on the wall without any frame or if you have a smaller size of old maps you can frame and hang them on the walls. Another idea is decorating the lampshades with maps. The older the maps you have the better the result will be. In addition, purchase a terrestrial globe if you don’t have one in your house. It’ll be a focal point of accessory in your living room if you have it.

Vintage style home decor: Taken from the best example

Having a modern house may be one of the dreams that many people want to achieve. However, for some other people, what they want is to have a house that uses vintage style home decor. Vintage decoration has been very popular these days. In fact, instead of looking old, vintage houses look very great, and even look cute. The look is one of the factors that make people love having this kind of house. Because vintage houses look like the houses that once lived in the 60s or 70s, people whose house has this kind of theme will be taken by the house to experience living in the 60s or 70s. Now, what makes a house a vintage house? There are a lot of things that makes a house a vintage house, and one of them is the decoration and its decoration items. If you are looking for the answer about what kind of decorative items that are suitable with the vintage house, we are going to give you some of the best.

Two of the best 26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

In the internet, there are a lot of people sharing their do-it-yourself or DIY vintage decoration items in order to inspire people, and we have found that among thousands of them, there are 26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas that really caught our eyes. However, due to the limited space in this website, it was necessary to only take some of the best of those 16 DIY ideas to share with you. One of the best items is the amazing pallet shelf with herb jars. There is nothing more vintage than this. In fact, this DIY is kind of easy to do. To do this, you will only need several planks of woods and then turn them into shelves. After that, you can put some herbs into the shelf.

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Another idea that you may use for your house is the vintage crib. If you have a terrace in front of your house, but you do not have any bench to let you sit and watch the scenery, you will like this idea. To do this, you will only need an old crib and then you have to put some sponge on top of it and then cover it with some great clothes, ad you are done. That is it! If you want to want see more pictures about 26 breathtaking DIY vintage décor ideas, you can look for them online.