Applying medieval home decor into your home

One thing that you should remember when decorating your house is that you should not stop your imagination. You have to be wild so that your home can accommodate your wild imagination. If you have a wild imagination, what you have to do is to pour it in your home decorating idea, and one of the wild ideas that you need to pour is the medieval home décor. I am sure that there is a few people who are willing to apply this kind of decorating ideas into their home because this kind of design will require the thinker to not only search for the right decoration items, but it also requires the thinker to think about the color. In addition, if you put this kind of design into your home, you may be called as a nerd. However, I am sure that the talks that people will be saying about you will not stop you to have an epic house with medieval theme, right?

Medieval interior design

So, what should you prepare if you want to have a medieval theme for your house? If you think that having some swords hanging on your wall will be enough to make your house look medieval, you are totally wrong. Being medieval is not just about swords and body armor that you can put into your living room. If you want to make your house as medieval as possible, then you have to think about the medieval interior design as well. When designing the interior design, you have to think about the color of the room. If you are a fan of medieval movie, I am sure that you already know that medieval rooms are not colorful. Instead, they would prefer having a monotonous brownish and blackish color. In fact, if you want to make the room even more medieval, you can put some stone coating on your wall.

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Medieval bedroom decor

As I have told you earlier, you have to think wild and you should not let your imagination stop once you have finished decorating a room in your home using medieval theme. If you are big fan of medieval theme, you have to go all the way. If you have finished designing your living room, then you have to go to your bedroom and design your bedroom using the medieval bedroom décor. Once you have done this, your house will be full of medieval theme and experience that no house can match.

Here are some tips on Mediterranean home decor ideas

If you are bored with the look of your house, you may have to think about something that is unusual in the term of the design of your house. If you live in an apartment, I am sure that all of the houses and the rooms there look the same, and you will have no more room for some new ideas because the examples that surround you is just like that. Therefore, if you want to make your house look better than any other does house in your surrounding area, what you need to do is to look beyond that. You need to look at the houses in Mediterranean area such as in Spain, Greece, and Italy. If you can do this, you will see that there are a lot of good themes that you can apply in your house. Therefore, it maybe better for you if you can apply some of the best Mediterranean home decor ideas into your house. So, what do you need to prepare to achieve this?

Mediterranean style home decor

Many people love having the Mediterranean house because this kind of house is very warm and inviting. In other word, if you have this kind of house, many people will see you as a friendly person who is inviting a lot of people to visit your house to experience the warmth of your house. So, what makes the Mediterranean house friendly? The secret of the house is the color and the texture of the house. If you look at some Mediterranean style home décor pictures in the internet, I am sure that they are very colorful. Additionally, when you look at how the wall is made, you will see that the wall has some texture that you can feel.

Mediterranean bedroom decor

One thing that you need to know when you are planning to decorate your house is that you should not stop at one room only. After all, you are decorating your whole house. Therefore, you may need to decorate your bedroom with some of the best Mediterranean bedroom décor ideas. You should not stop at decorating your living room only. You need to go beyond that. Now, after you dealt with the color of the house, then you need to think about decoration items. If you cannot find some Mediterranean decoration items in the stores near you, you need to go online because there are a lot of sellers offering you the most authentic decoration items.

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Using Preppy Home Décor to Create a Refreshing Interior Design

Having a preppy home décor gives a different feeling towards a home owner. It gives a unique and refreshing environment inside a house. Preppy home décor emphasizes the mix of contrast colors that are put together in one room. For instance, you can set the entryway, as the main room to enter the house, with white furniture combined with finely striped walls. Then, for the rest of the house, you can utilize grass green, aqua, and white as the main colors.

Preppy Home Design

Let’s start preppy home design from a living room. There are some options of rooms after an entryway but mostly it’s a living room. You can create a formal living room with preppy style. Choosing navy blue and gold are good idea to create a fresh and not too formal living room. For the sofa, you can choose gold color with blue and gold for the cushions. The wall is perfectly painted with navy blue and you can add a big painting, the sea, for instance to create a refreshing look in the living room. Then, for the kitchen you can utilize stainless steel but with pop colors for the cabinets. Another alternative is using glossy chrome hardware and don’t let the room painted white so you can add some colors to make the kitchen looks fresh.

Preppy Bathroom Ideas

The same as other parts of a house, there are many preppy bathroom ideas you can take to create one that’s unique and refreshing for your house. The first design for preppy bathroom is utilizing plaid pattern for the wall and combined it with the long vanity made of mahogany. Then, you also can utilize an Edwardian-style faucet at the sink to create a vintage feeling and combine it with the black countertop that gives an elegant look in your bathroom. Besides utilizing plaid wallpaper, you also can play with the same pattern for the floor. Choosing a small mosaic of white marble crisscrosses with square gray and black stones is a good idea.

Moreover, you can play with stylish lighting installed on the wall. For instance, you can install two-arm sconces on each side of the vanity mirror to create plaid illumination and classic style. Creating a double dose of relaxation also can be done in the bathroom by installing a large steam shower with two showerheads. Having two showerheads will give you a refreshing feeling when you want to shower. So, which ideas you’ll take for your preppy house?

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The key items in Mexican home decor ideas

If your home is boring with its monotonous color, I am sure that deep inside your heart; you want to have something more colorful. Well, you do not have to wait anymore because you can actually redecorate your house using one of the most colorful home decoration ideas, which is the Mexican home decoration idea. For a long time, people who have been bored with their old boring house have tried to change their home into something more colorful and Mexican home decor ideas are the ideas that they apply to their home. Those people love the Mexican home decoration because it is very colorful. Additionally, if you can apply this kind of theme into your house correctly, the theme will also bring you some old age tradition that is mixed with some organic textures. Thus, if you want to make your house look something better, you really need to try the Mexican home decoration ideas for your house.

Pottery for your Mexican house decor

One thing that may come to your mind when the word “Mexico” is mentioned will probably be cultural art. For sure, Mexico has been known for its rich cultural arts, and one of the products of its cultural arts is the pottery. Therefore, if you want to have the most authentic Mexican house décor for your house, then you have to put some of the real Mexican pottery into your house. One of the best pottery products that you can put into your house is the Talavera. This kind of pottery is one of the best pottery products that will make your house look fantastic. Another good thing that you can get from the Talavera pottery is the quality and the look that is still authentic. In fact, this kind of pottery has been in the production for a long time.

Metalwork for your Mexican living room decor

In addition to the pottery that you can put into your house, you may need to think about some metalwork because Mexico is also famous for its metalwork design. For example, you can use some metal candle holder that you can put on your dining table. What about your Mexican living room décor? If you want to make your living room as Mexican as possible, you will need to put some metalwork items such as metal plates on the wall. If you can do this, then you will experience living in a real Mexican house. So, what are you waiting for?

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Some Purple Room Decorating Ideas for Interior Design

Creating a house with your favorite color will give you a different feeling. You’ll feel relaxed and happy enjoying your house with the color that you pick yourself. Purple is one of many colors that give relaxing feeling in a room. In order to create a refreshing room, you can combine dark purple and gray color. Purples can be put in the form of wall colors, accessories, floor color and other furniture that is painted with purple. To make the room looks interesting, you can combine purple with other colors. Here are some ideas to decorate your house with purple.

Purple Room Accessories

In order to create a great look of purple room you need to utilize purple accessories, too. There are various kinds of accessories that you can use for your room. For a living room, choose a light purple sofa with dark purple cushions to create a great mixture of colors. Moreover, choose a combination of gray and light purple for the wall color. To create a focal point in your living room, put a big painting on the wall. The painting can be abstract or any other types of paintings that you like.

Then, you can bring purple in to your bedroom. Many choices of purple accessories can be put in the bedroom like purple sheets, cushions, bed, vanity, and many others. If you want like to have dolls you can bring along the dolls in your bedroom. Purple accessories can be in the form of lighting. There are various styles of lights you can choose for your bedroom. For a classic style of bedroom, you can choose classic lights that offer classic design and pattern. In addition, choosing purple vases for your bedroom will make the room look more romantic.

Purple Dining Room Decorating Ideas

To create purple dining room design, there are a lot of choices you can take from internet or interior magazines. The first idea to consider is putting a purple backdrop in your dining room to create a grand effect. You can blend the purple backdrop with black decors like black photo frames and chandeliers and mismatched chairs and tables. Those combinations will create an eclectic appeal. Moreover, you can create a modern dining room by choosing purple and geometric wallpaper for the dining walls. Match the wallpaper with modern furniture and décor to create a modern effect in your dining room. Modern dining room décor also can be created by choosing a simple flooring style like hardwood or tiles.

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Ideas to Create a Dramatic Red Home Decor

Red is a bright color that can be used as the theme of your interior design. Utilizing red home décor will create a different feeling in your house. Usually, red doesn’t stand alone if it’s used as the main color in home décor. It’s usually matched with gray. For instance, if you want to create a dramatic look in your home try to match red and gray for the living room. Moreover, you can utilize silver items and accessories in the red and gray living room. Silver will bring an elegant look for your living room.

Red Home Décor Accessories

One of the ways to create a focal point in your home is putting red furniture. Put the red furniture in a certain room and add with complementary colors, materials, patterns and fabrics to create a refreshing feeling.  Red furniture comes in a wide range of choices. There are red cabinets, tables, sofas, carpets, cupboards and many others. If you want to create a modern look in your living room, for instance, purchase a set of red furniture that consists of a sofa, a table, a cupboard and a couch. A modern style of living room doesn’t need many detail accessories. It’s made simple but elegant. Put the sofa in the middle of the living room and a table in front of it. You can put a red carpet under the table or in front of a sofa if you put a TV in front of them.

Red Bedroom Décor

Utilizing red as the main color in your house won’t be complete without using it for your bedroom. Red bedroom décor comes in many designs that you can choose based on your taste and style. For a modern red bedroom, you don’t need many accessories to be put in it since a modern design is simple. All you need to create a red modern bedroom is a red bed, a red sheet, red wallpapers, and red small tables in each side of the bed. You can play with red hues to create a dramatic effect, for instance, if you utilize a dark red for the bed choose a light one for the sheet. The same thing also applies for wallpapers and tables. On the other hand, if you want to create a cozy and classic red bedroom you can combine red with other colors like white, gray and even orange. Red can always give refreshing feeling to every room in your house and it’s the time to create one in yours.

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Creating Kitchen Rustic Home Décor by DIY Project

Living in a country gives us many advantages which one of them is related with rustic home décor. In order to create a rustic home décor, you don’t need to purchase expensive materials. Using natural materials is all you need. A rustic home style is also a perfect choice for those who have limited budget. There are many yard sales you can go to purchase rustic furnishings or maybe you already had it in your won attic. One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to rustic home décor, the comfort comes first rather than the perfection. Here are some ideas for rustic primitive and country kitchen décor.

Rustic Primitive Home Décor

Let’s start to create a rustic primitive home décor by choosing a neutral palette for the living room. The color gives soothing and traditional feeling. For the floors, most country homes have stone or plank floors. If you have one of those floors leave them in their natural state to create a natural rustic primitive home. If you have laminate or vinyl floor you can cover it with scattering of inexpensive rag rugs. For the walls, use planks of salvaged barn wood or traditional bricks and don’t paint them but let them in their natural condition.

When you want to furnish your living room with rustic primate style, you can save your money by choosing used furniture that you already had or by purchasing it in the yard sales. Some ideas for rustic furniture to be placed in the living room include a worn sofa and chairs that are covered with vintage quilts. Moreover, you can create your own pillows filled with feed sacks.

Rustic Country Kitchen Décor

To create a rustic country kitchen décor, you can start from the cabinet. Remove the cabinetry’s upper doors to create an easy access to dishes and cookware. You can apply the open-door style for all furniture in the kitchen like displaying linens, utensils and spices in crocks as well as bowls on the countertops. Then, a rustic country kitchen usually has a big table. If you don’t have one, purchase it in a yard sale or secondhand store. This kind of table is suitable to serve big breakfasts for special family events. The big table is also beneficial to put the pie dough.

The big table in the kitchen can be modified by adding wooden benches around it and add some mismatched chairs to supply ample seating. In addition, you can put a tin pitcher filled with wildflowers from your yard to create a low-cost centerpiece.

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